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Paddy Gillard-Bentley


Paddy Gillard-Bentley has been involved in one aspect of theatre or another since her Mother, Tessa, was four months pregnant with her, performing in Time Out For Ginger.  Her full-length play, Shaking the Dew from the Lilies, debuted in Kitchener, Ont. Canada, in November 2002 and received its American premier in 2005, in Denver, Co.  Quantum Entanglement  has been produced several times (Philadelphia, Calgary, Kitchener).  Her one-acts, White Noise, Sanguine Sonata & Comic Strip, and many shorter plays have been produced in Canada, the US, and UK.  Frailty Thy Name is Woe  has been published by Meriweather in Volume II of Young Women's Monologues from Contemporary Plays, And Then Full Circle has been published in Mother/Daughter Monologues Volume 4: Urgent Maturity


Paddy is the Artistic Director of Flush Ink Performing Arts and a former President of ICWP (International Centre for Women Playwrights).  Paddy’s plays online.



Paddy is the Artistic Director of Flush Ink Performing Arts, and has produced AJS I, II, III IV & V and UNHINGED ’08 & ‘09 and co-produced She Speaks 2007 with Jenni Mundy and 2008 with Catherine Frid.   She produced She Speaks ’09.



Brian Kelly



Brian Z. Kelly would be writing things from plays to lyrics, he would be acting, maybe even try his hand at directing, he would finish his short film, resume his photographic passion, play his guitar on every decent beach in the world and he would have a really cool puppet tv show if he could realize that his life is no longer insanely busy. 


Brian excels at flying a stunt kite perched on top of a huge hay bale, while connecting deliveries across the country on his blackberry.  He plays soccer, coaches soccer but more than all these things, he loves to hang out with his son, Liam.



Brian was our  M.C. for She Speaks 2007 & 2008, and has done most of the promo shots for Asphalt Jungle Shorts.  He was the Technical Director for UNHINGED ’09.

He is also on the Board of Flush Ink Performing Arts and our Marketing Director.



Lindsay Stewart

Lindsay Stewart has been a fixture in the region's arts and entertainment scene for more than two decades. As a singer and well regarded songwriter, he made the college radio charts and continues to record original material. He co-wrote a song that reached the finals of the 1994 CFNY New Music Search and has received airplay around the world. As a writer, he has published articles, features and interviews regionally and internationally covering theatre, music, politics and culture.

His performance resume includes appearances in numerous television and film productions, most notably portraying Jimi Hendrix's producer Eddie Kramer in an MGM/Showtime feature. He portrayed a gun toting villain along side Milla Jovovich in .45, a jungle warrior in 16 episodes of Peter Benchley's Amazon and a variety of criminals, medieval warriors and small character parts. As a founding member of the board of directors of Flush Ink Performing Arts, Lindsay brings his unique talents and experience to the table. He operates a small video production company under the name GNP Moving Pictures, archives and produces the Flush Ink events and has been sought out by some of the regions finest musical talents as a videographer. He is a three time nominee for the region's performing arts awards.

Lindsay is our filmographer.  He’s filmed AJS I, III & IV, She Speaks 2008 and UNHINGED ’08 and ’09.  He is creating archives of most of FIPA’s productions, and did an amazing job with UNHINGED  - look here





Samuel Liam Bentley


Samuel Liam Bentley loved being part of the tech crew at KCI.  He emerged from the womb looking for the stage.  He had his first agent by five, much to the horror of his mum.  He has been in several films and television shows.  He has taken several drama courses, including a three week Shakespeare intensive with Prof. Leslie O’Dell, when he was eight.  His favourite performances were in Due South (Paul Gross is really cool!), The Spreading Ground with Dennis Hopper and Witch Blade.  His live performances include playing Puck and Macbeth in ‘A Midsummer’s Afternoon Nap’.


But what he really wants to do is………………….be a Ferrari mechanic! 


Sam has been our Everything Man for Asphalt Jungle Shorts I, II, III IV V & VI and She Speaks ‘07  ‘08  ’09 ‘10

also UNHINGED ’08  ’09 ‘.



Virgil Burnett was born in Kansas in 1928, Virgil Burnett is an author and illustrator whose work has been widely published in Europe and North America. He received his undergraduate education at Columbia University in New York, where he studied with Edward Melcarth, a Social realist painter. In 1950 he was drafted, trained as a combat engineer and sent to Europe where he served for two years in a propaganda company as an artist-illustrator. After his military service he attended graduate school at Berkeley, taking a master's degree in art history. When a Fulbright scholarship took Burnett to Paris in 1956, he encountered other expatriate artists including David Hill, who remained a close friend until his death in 1977. Burnett also met Maurice Darantiere, a French publisher, who made him aware of the expressive possibilities of the book arts. By 1960 he was working primarily as an illustrator. A professor in the Fine Arts Department at the University of Waterloo since the early 1970's, Burnett has created an artistic oeuvre of extraordinary scope and breadth. (From Beglo, Jo Nordley. "Text,Image, Memory, and Illusion" in Virgil Burnett: a Retrospective Exhibition 1960-1990. Waterloo, Ont.: University of Waterloo Library, 1991).



We are so grateful for Virgil allowing us to use his amazing artwork, Muse, for SHE SPEAKS.




CHERYL EWING has over twenty years experience in senior management in the arts. Having worked in the municipal, educational, for profit and not-for-profit sectors, Cheryl brings a broad perspective to the work of artists and their impact on the community. Cheryl is also trained in Technology of Participation Facilitation Methods. Consequently, she is able to offer organizations guidance in planning effective meetings, reaching consensus, developing solid plans for results, and discovering creative and effective solutions to the challenges they face.


She designed the innovative young audience programmes — eyeGO to the Arts and River Run Centre’s Linamar for the Performing Arts. She is the General Manager of ACE (Association of Cultural Executives), administers Open Ears Festival and a performing arts conference — Ontario Contact — and is project manager for a province-wide marketing research project, the Values & Benefits Study.


Cheryl is very proud to have the honour of working with Prologue’s Susan Habkirk in the writing of Raising the Curtain, a manual for young audience presenters based on her own experiences.

She is an active volunteer within Waterloo Region serving on the boards of Dancetheatre David Earle and JM Drama/Registry Theatre as well as the Waterloo Region Prosperity Council Creative Forum Steering Committee. She is also an active member of Rotary.


Cheryl will be our MC for She Speaks ‘10.



Catherine Frid


Catherine Frid's one-act drama Greater Good was selected by 6 th@Penn Theatre in San Diego, California, for inclusion in the Human Rights Play Festival 2007. Her play Golden Door, a full-length drama, was read by Toronto's Praxis Theatre as part of its New Play Reading Series, in December 2006.



She sits on the board of directors  of Aluna Theatre in Toronto. and was a founding member of  the Flush Ink Productions Board of Directors.




Catherine co-produced She Speaks, 2008.


Kaira Jakobsh is a grade ten student who sings in the concert choir, plays clarinet in the band and plays acoustic and electric guitar at home.  Her most exciting six months was last year -  living like a gypsy in India with her family.  After three weeks of ballet lessons, she realized she wasn’t going to be a Prima Dona in the National Ballet.  This is the first time Kaira has worked with Flush Ink Productions, and she’s scared to death.



Kaira was our Stage-Manager for She Speaks ’09.



Gary Kirkham


Gary Kirkham is a playwright, actor, filmmaker, et al.  His play, Queen Milli of Galt, won the Samuel French Canadian Playwriting Competition and will be part of the 2007 Blyth Festival Season.  His one act play, Look, was adapted into a short film staring Mike Peng and Alan Sapp. His newest play, Falling: A Wake, will premiere at the Registry Theatre March 15-24, 2007!  Gary is a member of Lost & Found Theatre.  He has also acted with Theatre & Company and most recently, MT Space, touring in their version of The Season of Immigration.


Gary spent years as an improviser with several comedy troupes including Mental Floss and was in The Second City’s Master class. And, if you didn’t blink, you might have seen him in several sketches on The Kids in the Hall. As a filmmaker, Gary filming Bard on the Street, a series of Shakespearean monologues performed on locations throughout the region.




Gary was the Assistant Producer for AJS I, II, III and has been our talk-back facilitator for She Speaks ’07, ‘08. & ’09.



Mark Kochut

MARK KOCHUT is coming out of retirement for this AJS – on many levels.  Mark got a taste for theatre in high school in North Bay -  the theatre hotbed of North America.  During his summers, his involvement with The Unicorn Theatre honed such diverse skills as set-building to a role in Streetcar Named Desire – “Hot tamales!  Get your red-hot tamales!”


Since then, he’s embarked on a quest to find the perfect job, which may not exist. 


Mark enjoys ball hockey, stunt kite-flying and online poker.  He is an amateur mycologist who most loves to spend time with his two favourite ladies – his wife and his daughter.




Mark was our Stage Manager for AJS IV and our Technical Director for UNHINGED.


Kari Kokko

Kari earned a BFA from York University in theatre production, and has enjoyed working in various capacities with various theatre companies. Favourite credits include doing the lighting designs for Vigil (Lost&Found Theatre), The Season of Immigration to the West, Yes or No, and Pinteresque (all with The Multicultural Theatre Space). Favourite non-theatre credits include working at the Working Centre (first in the Recycle Cycles community bicycle resource centre, and then in the Queen Street Commons cafe), and studying music at Wilfred Laurier University.


Kari co-stage managed Asphalt Jungles Shorts II, and we are happy to have her back.




Kari was the co-Stage Manager of Asphalt Jungle Shorts II, and the SM for AJS III.


Jenni Munday


Jennifer Munday was in Burlington – she normally lives in Australia, and because she was, we had the privelege to work with her in She Speaks, as well as Asphalt Jungle Shorts II.  She  has only recently braved the art of playwriting with some very small pieces and a larger work that is the product of her doctoral research on 'adapting the novel for live performance, VitaBrevis.  Her Masters research and earlier professional performance work centered around creating performances in unusual places - her performing group, Elbow Room's last work was Tom's Women, by Geoffrey Sykes – a series of female monologues based on the paintings of an Australian artist, Tom Roberts.  Her works also explore and include aspects of technology.


Jenni was co-producer for She Speaks ’07 with Paddy, and will again be co-producing She Speaks in 2010.


Nicole Lee Quesnel



Nicole is looking forward to working with Paddy again (though she still has trouble not thinking of underwear when she hears the title of the project).  Nicole has been a professional theatre artist in Southern Ontario since moving here from California in 1997.  Selected credits: being one of the founding members of Lost & Found Theatre; STAGE MANAGER: Vigil, Cotton Patch Gospel (Lost & Found Theatre), Ivanka Returns, Hockey Mom Hockey Dad (Showboat Festival Theatre), Picasso at the Lapin Agile (Perimeter Institute), Shady Business (Theatre Cambridge) Metamorphoses, Fire, Crossing Delancey, Beauty and the Beast; Problem Child, Transit of Venus, Queen Milli of Galt, Quilters,Three in the Back Two in the Head, Shadowlands, Waiting for Godot (and a whack of other plays when she was the resident stage manager at Theatre & Company); DIRECTOR: Eleemosynary (Lost & Found Theatre), Lady Windermere's Fan (Redeemer College University),The Real Inspector Hound, Magician's Nephew (Theatre & Company); ACTOR:  A Lost & Found Christmas, Radio Leacock (Lost & Found Theatre); The Art of Dining, The Dayboy and the Nightgirl (Theatre & Company); TEACHER (acting, directing, stage management) Redeemer College University, Heritage Bible College, Waterloo Community Arts Centre, and the Studio at Theatre & Company (of which Nicole was the education coordinator in the 2004-2005 season).  This spring, Nicole was also the acting production manager of the Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony. 


Nicole's favourite credit to date: Mrs. Richard Quesnel.



Nicole was Stage Manager of Asphalt Jungle Shorts I, and co-Stage Manager for AJS II.


Bruce Wolff


Bruce Wolff was more surprised than anyone to be among this group of actors in the first Asphalt Jungle Shorts.  But that was ages ago.  Since then, he’s participated as an actor in She Speaks, Asphalt Jungle II and Asphalt Jungle III.  Now that he’s feeling quite at home on the stage, wherever the stage might be, we’re going to put him back stage for this show.  Bruce is beginning to realize his secret dream of  returning to the glory years of writing, producing and acting in high school productions.  

His day job (which he won't be quitting anytime soon) at Wilfrid Laurier in the Biology Department gives him plenty of opportunity to practice his oratory skills.  It is most likely that work, time with his kids and friends, and traveling will provide sufficient incentive to keep the stage an enjoyable avocation.




Bruce was our Stage Manager for She Speaks 2008.











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