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URBAN SCRAWLERS is a playwrights group that meets weekly.  Playwrights vary from seasoned, with several productions to fledgling.  Within Urban Scrawlers, we have created a safe environment for playwrights to work and have their pieces read and gently critiqued.  Having good guidelines for commenting on other’s work, is essential for an effective and vital writer’s group.  If a writer feels he is being attacked or made fun of, it is no longer a safe place and the creative process will not proceed.  I would like to see us work toward a monthly reading series with actors lending their talent, and a small audience, their reactions.  This could be done very informally. 


For a playwright, hearing their words, experiencing the audience’s reaction to their words, is the most valuable tool  for them to rewrite and move forward. 


Beginning 2009 we will be having readings at ARTBAR – Centre in the Square’s wonderful restaurant.  More we’ll keep you posted here, or join Urban Scrawlers on facebook.





More to come.


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