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A Staged reading directed by CAMILLA BOUCHET



With MT Space & Green Lights Arts



Kitchener-Waterloo Little Theatre 9 Princess St. Waterloo

Talk Back to follow.







Kristian Hallberg was born in 1982 in Malmö, Sweden. There he founded Theatre Torstenson in 2001. He is now living in Stockholm and has written over 20 plays.

His play, Variation, was commissioned by Theater Galeasen in Stockholm where it had a successful world premiere in January 2014. It had its Gothenburg premiere at the Folkteatern in March 2014. Variation has also been produced for the Swedish Radio, and is currently being produced for the Finnish radio YLE 1 and being translated into Polish.

  Kristian Hallberg








Camilla is a French-Swedish actress, trained at a national drama school in Sweden and at Voice Studio International in London, UK. For many years, she has  worked in Paris, France, as an actress in plays, films (Blanche-Nuit by Fabrice Sébille, Volver by Rachel Baloste) and as assistant director at the Comédie Française.


She has worked with Kristian Hallberg since 2011: in 2013, she translated The Canteen of Love into French and played in the staged version. Her translation of True Love Will Find You In The End was broadcast on the French radio in 2014.


  Camilla Bouchet





Matt White - Artistic Producer


Matt is an arts professional with over ten years experience working as a director, actor, dramaturg, educator and producer. Originally from Kitchener, Matt is proud to return to his roots and shift his focus to building a great arts organization here in Waterloo Region.

Directing credits for Green Light Arts include: The Amish Project; Andy Warhol presents: Valerie; and Borderland (upcoming). Other recent directing credits include: Adam Bailey is on Fire (2015 Winnipeg and Edmonton Fringe Festivals); Twelfth Night and Hamlet (KW Youth Theatre); Andy Warhol presents: Valerie (2014 Toronto Fringe); Bone Cage (Hart House Theatre), and Eirlys and Eckhart (Cart/Horse Theatre).


     Matt White – ‘K’




Gary Kirkham



Gary Kirkham is a playwright and actor. Gary has worked in collaboration with the MT Space on numerous shows including Seasons of Immigration, Body 13 and the critically acclaimed The Last 15 Seconds.  He has authored several plays including Pearl Gidley (Scirocco Drama), Queen Milli of Galt (Samuel French), Pocket Rocket (with Lea Daniel) and Falling: A Wake which was recently translated into Italian. He also collaborated with Lost & Found Theatre on Radio Leacock. His plays have had over 40 productions across Canada, the United States and the Middle East.


   Gary Kirkham – ‘H’



Nada Humsi



Nada Humsi was born in Damascus, Syria. She came to Canada in 1999 and in 2008 she joined the MT Space in Kitchener.

Nada is considered a pioneer in avant-garde and experimental theatre in the Arab world. She wrote and performed the first Verbal-Mime monodrama in Syria, The Option (1988) directed by Riad Ismat, and continues to perform world-wide. Recent acting credits include parts in: The Poster (Teesri Duniya Theatre) in Montreal, Italian Funeral & Other festive Occasions (Drayton entertainment), Women In War (a co-production between The MT Space and Babel Theatre in Beirut) and The Last 15 Seconds (MT Space).


   Nada Humsi 




Kathleen Sheehy


Kathleen Sheehy is trained in her native city of Philadelphia at the Arden Theatre Company and the Walnut Street Theatre. Voice master classes with David Smukler. Mask and Physicality with Dean Gilmour. Action Theatre training with the Theatre & Company ensemble.


She is the founding member of Lost & Found Theatre.  She has acted in Radio Leacock; Vigil; Eleemosynary; A Lost & Found Christmas; Falling: A Wake; Twelfth Night; Some Assembly Required; The Lion, The Witch, and The Orchestra; The Tinker's Wedding; Possible Worlds; Pearl Gidley; On The Inside; Naked; Boiler Room Suite; Kimberly Akimbo; Charles Dickens Writes A Christmas Carol. 


  Kathleen Sheehy – THE MUM






Performing: Moth in Love’s Labour’s Lost (Stratford Festival, 2015), KW Glee (2015), Sentinel in A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Stratford Festival, 2014), Town Boy in The Merchant of Venice (Stratford Festival, 2013), DJ in Scout (Growing in the Arts, 2014), Corvis in The Bully Effect (Growing in the Arts, 2012), Fudge in Tales of a Fourth-Grade Superfudge-a-Mania (Growing in the Arts, 2011). Awards: Royal Conservatory of Music Grade 6 Piano and Advanced Rudiments.

 Gabriel Long as THE CHILD


Return to UnHinged







When his self-righteousness earns him unexpected consequences.  When his tendency to look outside himself, rather than inside, becomes fatal.  When all his good intentions result in devastation.  Then, he realizes that sometimes, it is better to just shut up and listen, rather than speak.


Variation is about class, class travel and multiculturalism. We all hate to admit that racism exists everywhere.  It's easier to look at other's with a critical eye and an accusatory gesture, than it is to admit we all have dark hiding places of judgment and criticism hovering inside ourselves.


Variation achieved second position in the Radio Fiction Category of PRIX EUROPA 2015 in Berlin, Germany, and received a special commendation.


Citation of the jury: A man explains the footballer’s offside rule to his son – but it is he who is “offside”. This radio drama is a sophisticated study of one man’s quest to eradicate unconscious racism in his family, quest that is hindered by the blinding effects of self-righteousness.

Concepts of “inclusion” and “reverse racism” collide in this deft, stylish production, creating a unique audio-thought-experiment – challenging us to confront bias and prejudice in ourselves.


It also won the Nordic Radio Theater Prize 2015:


Radio drama has for many years and decades been a fundamental part of all the nordic broadcasting corporations. It‘s in continuous development as an art form and is constantly being renewed. It reflects the society at any given time and is in constant state of flux. Good radio drama reflects stability as well as movement, it raises questions and urges us to consider and contemplate, it consoles and comforts and throws light on the society it grows from.


The piece we award tonight combines all those elements. It poses important questions, it reflects the society in surprising and personal ways, it searches for new ways of representation. Language is used in unexpected ways where the form bows to the content and urgent questions and issues are addressed in a quick and sharp tempo: “Are we better than them?“ “Are they better then us?“ “Who am I?“ “Who are they?“ “Why isn‘t everybody like me?“.


The writing, direction, sound design, music and acting together create a work of art that captivates the listener and keeps him or her interested until the end. Family life cleverly portrays the whole of society, where appearances are deceptive when it comes to human relations and issues of hidden racism