Some big fun!!!


Photos by Brian Z. Kelly

























Cipia posterII


Ten of the twelve cast members arrived.  One in costume.  Brian, camera in hand, looked around for a theme.  Hm.  Roger had a banana.  Brian apprehended the banana.  The banana became a character in the photo shoot…and the show.  We avoid taking promo shots of the actual plays, as it’s all about this cloak and dagger, mysterious, ambiguity…you know, don’t tell it, show it thing.



Before the banana.  L – R – The photographer from the newspaper,

Tanya, Tracey, Katharine, Robin, Jennifer, Andrew, Arlene, Roger.

Kristopher Bowman and Douglas Morton were missed.



With the discovery of the banana, they just had fun.





The above were all shot downtown behind the Mayfair Hotel.



On the stairs of Kitchener’s City Hall.




On the second level.















Thanks Brian, for taking some really fun pictures and inventing the banana. 


Thanks Jennifer, for being such a good sport about being the only one in costume.


Thanks to the cast, for all being such pretty hams.





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